Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bun’s Party Barn

BY Gloria Lomeli

Along Main Street in Pomeroy, Ohio, sits Bun’s Party Barn, along the other side flows the Ohio River.

Buns Party Barn, originally a carry-out opened in September 2005 by David Averion, now includes a deli, a specialty wine shop, a bakery, and an enclosed patio for customers to meet, socialize and dine.

With a “great view of the river,” says Averion, Bun’s Party Barn is great place to enjoy the Southeast Ohio community and a great meal.

So, how did the name Bun’s Party Barn come to be?

Averion says, he and his wife came up with a list of 50 names, and one night an idea came to him. It was his wife’s nickname, Bun-Bun, given to her by her father when she was younger. Averion woke up that night and immediately wrote down, Bun’s Party Barn, and it stuck.

As for the horse barn architecture, well that was intentional. The couple looked through the plans and worked with contractors to find a style that fit their business’ name.

Bun’s Party Barn offers many specials, such as Thursday Night Wing Night, which includes their locally recognized house sauces: Honey, Hickory, Hot, Hotter than Hot, and last but not least Burn the Barn Down Hot that Averion says can only be handled by a few, brave people.

“We had a guy come in yesterday and tried our Burn the Barn Down Hot wings and he left here crying,” says Averion.

In addition to hot wings, the business has daily specials. The Italian Sub is the number one seller, with the pulled pork sandwich a close second. Other favorite dishes include the Antipasta Salad and bakery sweets. Averion recommends you order ahead of time, and to help you with your decision the menu can be viewed on their Web site,

The community atmosphere around the shop comes to life when the weather warms. Starting in April, every Thursday evening Bun’s Party Barn holds corn hole tournaments and people from all over the area come to play. Every second Saturday of the month, a bigger corn hole tournament is held. People form teams for $20, and all the money goes to the first, second and third place contestants.

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