Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Athens Foundation: A Novel Approach to Supporting Communities

BY PY Tsikata

The Athens Foundation is a nonprofit community foundation created in 1980 by eight Athens women with great vision.

What started with fifty dollars from each of the women, has blossomed, like an acorn seed with a modest beginning, into an impressive financial portfolio currently estimated at 3 million dollars.

True to its mission, The Athens Foundation has supported myriad of charities, religious organizations and other community based groups in its efforts to improve the quality of life for the Athens community and its trajectory. Since its inception, it has disbursed over one million dollars of grant money to 140 local charities.

It recently brought together the leaders of nonprofit organizations to discuss ideas about how to assist their communities in keep their heads above “the economic downturn”. It also organizes leadership classes with the aim of helping groom community leaders who will provide leadership on community issues. Its access to Health Care for senior citizens initiative launched in 2007 is a spectacular way it connects with its senior citizens. All these services and others in support of education and other welfare services underscore its relevance to the community in these harsh economic times.

Community based charities and organizations which are finding it difficult to fund projects they consider very crucial to the well-being of their communities may consider contacting the Athens Foundation with their proposals for considerations.

Individuals and companies who feel connected in one or the other to the Athens Foundation’s values and wish to donate their widow’s mite to its course can also contacts the foundation for directives.

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