Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blue Shoe Arts Studio

By Jen England

Every artist is unique in his or her talents, and the Blue Shoe Arts Studio/Gallery, located near Carroll in Fairfield County, is home to many unique artists. The program is dedicated to helping artists with disabilities express themselves and find their voice, aspects of their lives that deserve to be showcased yet often get stifled. BSA, which began in 2004, has been home to great creativity and beauty. It's all in the paintings. And the pictures.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art in Gallipolis

By Abby Clary

If you're interested in learning more feel free to visit their Web site at: www.frenchartcolony.org

Life's a Joke

By John Silvestro

Enjoy an original composition written and performed by Jay Hill. The idea for the song came to Jay while he was at the local bar. Sitting near by was a recently laid off coal miner, who was complaining about his life. After a long diatribe the miner finally came to the conclusion that "life was just a joke." The quote stuck with Jay and the next morning he worked it into the song you have now. For more on Hill and his frequent music partner look for future blogs or visit his website: http://jescowhite.net/