Thursday, May 8, 2008

Final Drafts Imminent!

Greetings again SEO readers!

The SEO newsroom is a flurry of activity as our starburst fueled staff works diligently to bring you, our beloved readers, the next issue of the magazine. The writers are finishing up the final drafts of the department pieces, which will be handed over to Jennifer and Kim and the design staff once they're given the final "OK" from the editors. The feature stories are still being tightened and polished, and are nearly ready for the editing and fact checking process. Needless to say, Managing Editor Carissa Ray's "purple marker of death" has seen quite a bit of use, but it's all part of the process!

I sat down with our wonderful and talented Editor in Chief Karen Grabowski to ask her how she thought things were going down in the trenches. She said, "I am very impressed with the talent and drive of the seniors and one junior in our staff." Laughing, she added, "And people are really pumped about the lasagna dinner."

So never fear, SEO readers, the next issue is coming along quite swimmingly. Stay tuned for more updates, and the long awaited "Quotes heard around the office."

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