Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Uh, it's rolling: The editors speak

While the staff is busy writing and editing third, fourth and even some final drafts, our faithful editors took some time to talk about the production process. Check back soon for interviews with our Photo Editor, Design Director and Web Director, and maybe even an exclusive with Southeast Ohio adviser Ellen Gerl.

The head honcho herself - Jen Ator, Editor in Chief

The partner-in-crime - Michelle Davey, Managing Editor

The mistake-fixer-upper - Will Wemer, Copy Chief

The money makers - Amber James, Business Manager and Meghan Nicolson, Business Staff

Thanks for stopping by and checking in with Southeast Ohio. Keep checking for updates, including a photo slide show of all the action as it unfolds.

rock n roll,

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rks said...

I like the videos.... Great addition to the blog. It'll be interesting to hear about particular stories as they develop. What a great way to let the reader know what's in store for him or her.