Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Inside the workroom...

Moving into the sixth week of the quarter deadlines are tightening, writers and editors are being pushed, and stress levels are through the roof. Don't worry though, this is nothing out of the ordinary. Managing Editor, Michelle Davey says there is a little stress but she is staying positive.

"Most things are coming in on time," Davey said. "I'm very optimistic because everything is looking good and looking like something we'd be proud to put into the magazine."

While editors and writers work frantically to tighten their stories and gather last minute quotes, the Design Director Jessie Ford says the design staff is anxiously awaiting its turn.

"We're getting the final versions of stories on Thursday, so our workload will definitely increase and we'll be busy from now on until the quarter ends," Ford said. "We've had the task of waiting for the stories to come in before we start working. It'll be nice to finally start putting together a product."

Both the web staff and business staff are also working hard to increase subscriptions and update the website, respectively. Web Director Kim Henderson has been working with the web staff to update the Southeast Ohio website.

"We're currently working on updating all the content on the website to make it up-to-date and accurate," Henderson said. "Then we'll begin working on doing reconstruction of the site to make the website more user-friendly and visually appealing."

Since it's hard to verbalize the hard work that each member of the staff has put into the magazine, here's a slideshow of life in the workroom.

Check back soon for more videos, photos and a complete listing of the Southeast Ohio staff.


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