Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wildhorse Cafe

by Danielle Kees

Nestled on the banks of the Ohio River in Pomeroy I was able to find a spicy surprise in the form of a Southwestern-themed restaurant called The Wild Horse Café (www.thewildhorsecafe.net). The restaurant boasts about its great atmosphere, with space for large gatherings as well as intimate booths perfect for parties less than four people.

Before I was even able to visit The Wild Horse, I took a gander at the food options listed on the restaurant’s Web site. Burgers, pasta with Alfredo, pulled barbeque pork, and quesadillas were all listed on the menu. But the truly intriguing menu options were labeled with an icon of a bucking horse to symbolize the food with an extra “spicy kick.”

When I finally arrived at The Wild Horse Cafe, I was hungry and, boy, was I glad when the waitress brought a basket of chips with chunky mild salsa to my table. I was able to munch on the snack while I chose my meal. Before I arrived I fully anticipated on getting one of the “spicy kick” meals, but, alas, the Favorite Burger with a side of wedge fries was my final choice.

While I waited for my burger and fries, I was able to take a look around the restaurant. Cattle horns, stuffed deer heads, chaps, boots and a plethora of other Western-themed objects hung around the dining room. The Wild Horse’s web site didn’t lie about the restaurant having a great atmosphere. There were several families seated at large round tables and smaller parties looked comfortable in the booths along one side of the dining room. Opposite the booths, there was a wall of windows, which offer panoramic views of the Ohio River.

Just as I started to admire the views from my seat, the waitress brought out my burger and fries. I’m no food connoisseur, but this food was delicious and there was a lot of it. The wedge fries were hot and golden. The burger was juicy and, for an extra 50 cents, cheesy. To top it off, my bill was under $10!

All in all, I was very content with my visit to The Wild Horse Café: the service was good, the atmosphere relaxed, the food was tasty, and I left with a full stomach and a (slightly less) full wallet.

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